Hexa Balance Tower

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Crush, blast, and toss this tower of blocks to the ground. Ultimately, the goal is to descend to balance the hexagon (a six-sided geometry) while keeping it from dropping. To win, you must go to the flag just at the bottom of the tower. Mathematical equations, logic problems, strategy, and reflexes are all included in the game mechanism. It's a simple game with riddles and arcade features that anyone can learn quickly. It is difficult to learn and can be difficult to master. The mechanics of the game •A hexagon shape (hex or Hexa) is positioned on top of a stack of bricks or mines (see illustration). Although you cannot move the hexagon, you may smash the blocks around it to get the hexagon closer to the earth. The blocks function similarly to mines in that they will be destroyed if you tap on them. When the tower begins to wobble, it may begin to topple; take care not to let the hex fall. • The game is over if the hexagon loses its balance and falls into the abyss. To win the game, you must maneuver the hexagon from the top to the bottom of the tower until it hits the ground and captures the flag on the other side. The stages are similar to puzzles in that you must choose carefully which block of mines to crush to prevent the tower structure from collapsing and disintegrating completely. When blocks are destroyed, they will vanish, and the tower/structure will grow shorter due to the destruction. However, not only would the block you tap be crushed, but it may also affect adjacent blocks, allowing the stack to roll, fall, or slip as a result of the impact. As a result, the hexagon will react to the rules of physics (it has several sides, so it's nearly like a ball)—make sure it doesn't fall before it hits the ground! Thus, deciding which bricks to smash is the puzzle game aspect.

Click the mouse on blocks to destroy and keep the hexagon on the tower

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