Unblock Ball: Sliding Block Rolling Puzzle

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Unblock Ball: Sliding Block Rolling Puzzle is a amazing tile puzzle with a modern challenging twist. Move the sliding tiles to unblock a path for the steel ball to roll to the exit. Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing the ball roll smoothly through the connected tiles to the end. Are you ready to unblock the ball? Use your mind carefully, move the blocks to create perfect track for rolling the ball, let the rolling ball pass to last block easily in a flow and unlock ball maze of this family puzzle. This relaxing wood puzzle is designed for all slide tile puzzle and sliding block puzzle fan. If you love to play puzzle games for free or you are searching for challenging sliding puzzle? This wooden jigsaw will make you crazy to unblock ball by sliding tiles with clever mind.

HOW TO PLAY Slide tiles to create a connecting path for the ball to roll to the GOAL Set a new record by earning the perfect 3-star rating Select various modes including Multiplayer for more excitement

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