Stick Clash

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Defeat enemies to collect teammates. Attack the monster with a crowd clash. Stick Clash is a fun and addictive stickman game.Start running alone and defeat enemies to tame them as your teammates. Lead your team to defeat all the other mobs and the most important goal is to kill the monster at the bottom of the map. Calculate your moves on the run and collect as many members as possible. Let’s see how far you can get in this crazy survival race! Calculate your own score and that of your opponent to come up with a suitable attack strategy. Features • Easy Controls, just tap with one finger to choose the right direction • Ultra Violent Stickman fighting • There are many beautiful maps, modern colors, high quality graphics • Choose Your Moves, bruise, bash and beat your way to victory • Wield special powers in duels to the death • Exterminate them all, there is no mercy for the Stickman!

Defeat enemies to collect teammates Attack the monster with a crowd clash

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