Shooting Games Challenge

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Shooting Games challenge is a simple but a logic based game which is a new first person - interestingly fast paced, fire automatically and easy to play. It's very simple, use your gun to zoom, aim and shoot, that's it! A wide range of targets like boards, bottles, target boards, fruits and many more to get higher scores. Upgrade your guns to aim and shoot more efficiently. This game gives a you a chance to aim at multiple targets and shoot with just one bullet. Challenge yourself and be part of this realistic fire battle and become the best shooter of accuracy, precision and speed in shooting games challenge. Enter this addictive world of shooting games challenge and discover the exciting world of online shooter. It's time to show your snipping skills and battle now! Shooting Games Challenge features: Chance to upgrade to high-end guns Perfect optimization Modern graphics with easy controls 50 plus levels and more to come Easy to zoom, aim and fire You can start games anytime, anywhere Test your own shooting skills and timing skills. Challenge yourself take up the shooting challenge and improve your skills now.

mouse only

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