Shadow Ninja

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Shadow Ninja-Ghost Warrio is a perfect game that combines ancient ninjas and modern cities. By operating ninjas to charge up attacks, kill your enemies in seconds! This game contains a variety of weapons, such as swords, flame knives, ice swords, battle axes, etc. As the game continues to deepen, unlock more powerful weapons! You can even use fly swatter to defeat the enemy! Do you have enough motivation, courage and passion to join the battle? In the prosperous modern city, people's life is peaceful, but behind the tranquility, there are huge evils. The umbrella company on the surface of the sun, in fact, has been doing unknown activities behind the scenes. They used the genes of the ancient ninja family to create the latest devil warrior and attempt to rule the world. Shadow Ninja is a descendant of the ninja family. For the reputation of the family and the peace of the human world, he resolutely embarked on the road of revenge, all the way to the headquarters of the umbrella company, and fought desperately against the enemies that were transformed here! Game features: -Fingers control power accumulation, choose the best kill action; -Get more coins by killing enemies; -Unlock more powerful weapons and kill enemies with more exciting actions; -Killing enemies continuously will have wonderful sound effects! Are you a fan of ninjas? Are you a fan of action RPG? Download Shadow Ninja now and join millions of other players to defeat the umbrella company!

Fingers control power accumulation choose the best kill action

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