Noob trolls Pro

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The noob decided to troll in minecraft and made his way to the Pro's house. Help Nubik set traps and prank the Pro to piss him off, but be careful not to let the Pro spot you and catch you.
You can blow up TNT, spawn zombies right in the Pro's house, make invisible holes and many other funny pranks.
With new levels, the house Pro in minecraft increases, new rooms and new opportunities for trolling appear.

Find all the items on the level and set traps so that Pro gets caught in them, but be careful not to get caught by Pro.
The goal of the game is to troll the Pro.

On the computer:
● WASD - walk
● E - take item
● Tab - zoom out camera
● Numbers - selection of an object for a trap
On the phone:
● Drag the screen to walk
● Click on the buttons on the screen to take or use the item

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