Hexa Block Puzzle

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In Hexa Block: Tangram Puzzle, you will put your depth perception and logical skills to the test as you dissect and reassemble blocks of hexagonal shapes. While playing this game, you'll get excellent brain exercise as well as a terrific source of relaxation because it's inspired by an old wooden tangram puzzle that has been updated with creative hexagon block components and combined with lovely graphics, including brilliant shimmering blocks. From the moment you begin assembling the first hexagonal piece, you will be captivated by the strange joy of seeing blocks exactly fit together and flawlessly fill out the form. Although it is simple to manage with one finger and appears straightforward at first glance, becoming a headlock master will require more. As you go through the hundreds of levels and varying challenges, you may have to make difficult decisions to discover the appropriate Hexa brick and place it in the appropriate location. Make an informed decision and avoid being stymied! With each form completed, you will see a gradual improvement in your talents.

For Pc use WASD For mobile use the button inside the game

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