Hex Takeover

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Welcome Hex Warriors!

Hex Takeover is a turned-based strategy game played on different hexagonal boards. The objective is simple: conquer the most tiles to win.

How To Play:
During your turn tap on any of your tiles to chose your next move. Tiles can be cloned to adjacent spaces or they can jump to further spaces. Landing near opponent tiles will convert their tiles into yours! Cloning and Jumping have different implications on your strategy. Cloning a piece means that you get more tiles of your color on the board. Jumping sometimes could be beneficial if you spot enemy pieces further away but want to conquer them. The game ends when the board is filled up with tiles!

Seems easy right? Let's put your skills to the test!

Hex Takeover has simple game rules, yet the game can be quite a bit challenging! With different levels and varying difficulties, there are tons of different strategies to explore.

Through very satisfying and calming gameplay, explore the map and encounter new enemies and challenges!

Can you explore the entire map and unlock new characters to play as?

During your turn, tap on your tiles to choose your next move. Conquer the enemy pieces to win!

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