Escape Tsunami -- imposter

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Can you survive on the lost island for 30 days? Plan your survival strategy. Have you ever had a thought what would happen if you ever got stranded on a lonely island? How would you survive with all the limited resources? Well this game lets you be the one who has to survive for 30 days on an island. Experience the lost island adventure and survival adventures. What is your Goal? You have to survive on this island and manage resources to live. Plan an escape before the tsunami hits on 30th day. Survival strategy - You have to survive with limited food, water and other resources. - Manage them very wisely - If any of the resources get out of stock, you will die. - Sleep on time to restore your health - Plan a survival strategy by building a raft and escape the island - Send message in a bottle for rescue - You’ll meet your lucky buddy on island. You can take his help with your daily activities. Game Features - Resource Management - Time Management - Survival planning & survival strategy - Escape planning - Experience island storm and sunny day - Explore Island and get amazing hunting experiences - Mini games to play while you sleep and take rest - Shop to buy tools to improve your fishing skills


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